👩‍🏫Getting Started!

Overview of Back In Stock Admin/Staff Alert app

In most cases, store owners have difficulty in tracking stock inventory. It may lead to various problems such as product shortages or abundance due to a lack of real-time visibility into stock availability.

We have developed 'Back In Stock Admin Alert' app, which helps store owners to track stock inventory effortlessly.

Once the products are back in stock, the app immediately sends automated emails to the administrators and staff, delivering real-time information about the current inventory levels. These emails furnish the admin and staff members with details on the quantity of products available in the store.

👩‍💻Let's take a short guided tour of the app:

❶ Decide scope of the products using tag names.

✍️ Products must be tracked by Shopify.

✍️ Emails will be triggered only for the selected products.

❷ Set stock threshold value

✍️ Configure the stock threshold: "Alerts will only be triggered when products return to stock with stock levels greater than or equal to the specified threshold."

❸ Configure email notification

✍️ You can add multiple email address.

✍️ Customize your email template.

❹ Dashboard

✍️ You can create multiple alerts

✍️ Edit or Delete alerts at any point of time.

🌟App Highlights🌟

🎯 Emails are automatically triggered in real-time, eliminating the need for any manual intervention.

🎯 You can create any numbers of alerts.

🎯 Edit or Delete alerts at any time.

🎯 The email will contain information regarding the availability of stocks.

🎯 Helps admin/staffs to track inventory without any effort.

🎯 You will receive an immediate email notification as soon as the products are back in stock, provided that the stock value is greater than or equal to the set threshold value.

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