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What is the purpose of Jedi Back In Stock Admin Alert App?

App is basically designed for admins or staffs. The main purpose of the app is to trigger email alerts when the inventory is back in stocks. This helps admins to make informed decisions about restocking items to avoid overstocking or running out of popular products.

How does app work?

Whenever the products (tracked by Shopify) are back in stocks and if the stock items are greater than or equal to stock threshold frequency which is set by the user then emails are automatically received by admins/staff members.

Does email notifications received for each and every product present in the store?

You have an option to define the products scope by selecting their tag names. Email notifications are exclusively sent to admins/staff members when the selected products are back in stock, and not for all products available in the store.

Do we require to make any pre settings in the store to use app?

Yes, we just need to make sure that the inventory is tracked by Shopify.

Does app work automatically or do we need to manually click on button to run app?

App works automatically without any human intervention.

Do we need to set any stock threshold value ?

Yes, you need to set the desired stock threshold value so that when the products are back in stock then the app compares the stock value with the user-set threshold value. If the stock value is greater than or equal to the specified threshold, email notifications are sent. however default stock threshold value is set as 1.

Can I customize email template ?

Yes, you can customize email template.

Can I get any assistance to setup app in my store ?

Sure. we can provide a live demo of the app. Just send us a demo request to our support team (support@jediapps.com). Also if required we can configure the app on behalf of you as per your use case.

Whom to contact in case of any queries?

You can write to us at support@jediapps.com in case of any queries.

Can I find any video tutorials?

Yes, you can find the complete app demo in the below link.


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